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Richard Duschl



  • Higher Ed: Education, Researcher 


Richard A. Duschl, (Ph.D. 1983 University of Maryland, College Park) is Division Director for the Division of Research on Learning in Formal and Information Settings in the Directorate for Education and Human Resources. His home appointment is as the Waterbury Chaired Professor of Secondary Education, College of Education, Penn State University. Prior to joining Penn State Richard held the Chair of Science Education at King's College London and served on the faculties of Rutgers, Vanderbilt and the University of Pittsburgh. He recently served as Chair of the National Research Council research synthesis report Taking Science to School: Learning and Teaching Science in Grades K-8 (National Academies Press, 2007). With Richard Grandy, he coedited Teaching Scientific Inquiry: Implications for Research and Implementation (SensePublishers, 2008). His research focuses on establishing epistemic learning environments and on the role of students' inquiry and argumentation processes. Richard has twice received the 'JRST Award' (1989; 2003) for the outstanding research article published in the Journal of Research in Science Teaching. He also served for more than a decade as editor of the research journal Science Education and editor for TC Press "Ways of Knowing in Science and Math" book series. 


Science Education
Earth Science Education
Assessment for Learning (formative assessment)
Argumentation Discourse 


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